About us

We are seekers. We are adventurers. We love the outdoors, to a degree. Let’s face it, travelling in this Coach isn’t exactly “roughing it”. We are a Husband and Wife dynamic duo. We bought this dream RV in March of 2017 after many months of shopping for the perfect coach. We owned a well-loved Monaco for several years previous and had many extraordinary trips together. We loved how well built the Monaco was and most importantly she never left us stranded. We knew when it came time for a new RV we would be looking for something with the same qualities.

Then we found Brown Sugar. Yes, we named this gorgeous 45’ of machine affectionately after a confectionary condiment. She is truly stunning when you walk up next to her sparkling brown, black, and crème exterior. More than her looks though, we were sold on the way she drives. This coach is literally the quietest, best handling coach on the market today, period. It’s not just Entegra’s slogan, it’s really true. She drives like a smooth, solid, 45’ Mercedes. Brown Sugar is absolutely a joy to drive and now you can enjoy her as much as we do.

You must be wondering, “Why would you buy such a luxurious coach and turn right around and let other people use it?”. Well, mostly because we are not full timers but we still want the best. We want to pull into the racetrack in style, be unbelievably comfortable in the middle of nowhere, and have the freedom to go anywhere we want in comfort. The truth is, 80% of RV owners only use their coaches 5 weeks a year and that’s terrible for a machine. There is nothing worse than to buy a coach like this and just let it sit. After rigorous searching to find the best luxury RV rental partner, we were able to find an exceptional company out of Ft. Lauderdale to help us rent our Brown Sugar to you. By completing the BOOK NOW form on our site, you will be connected with by a representative from our partner. They will be able to assist you with all the necessary details and you will be on your way to arriving in style in no time!